A balanced Tree of Happiness…

The Tree of Happiness

The Tree of Happiness

A few days ago I told you about the Tree of Happiness. Among many other things I explained that you can’t focus too much on some of the branches of the tree while neglecting others, else your life will be unbalanced. I then told you that I would soon write a new post explaining how to choose your goals to maintain that equilibrium. Well, here I am now to give you my ideas on the subject.

What would you say are the most important fields in your life? What are those areas in your life that have to be filled with good sensations in order for you to have a general sense of satisfaction or happiness? Which ones make you feel utterly miserable and unhinged when in trouble?

Let’s do a little exercise. Please, grab a piece of paper and write a list of fields or areas in your life that have to be successful for you to feel happy. (Note that I’m not asking for fields that are currently making you feel happy or sad but just the ones that have the POTENTIAL of making you feel either way.) I’ll begin by giving you a couple of examples and you complete your own list. You might like my examples and use them or you might discard them and pick your own. It’s up to you.

Important areas or themes in my life:

  1. Work
  2. Health
Make a list

Make a list

Let me just throw in some ideas for you to consider while preparing your list: spirituality, love, friendship, leisure, family, home, fun, money, personal fulfillment, sex, religion, peace, growth…

You don’t need to cover all 10 areas. Some of you might consider less enough while others might need more. I recommend trying to not include more than 15 to facilitate the steps to be taken in the future

There, prepare your list.

Ask yourself

Ask yourself

Done? Fine. Good job. Let’s now take each of those items one by one. Item number 1 on your list. Ask yourself the following question about each of the items:

How satisfied am I with my life regarding (add the name of your item here, for instance, health)?

Choose one of these possible answers: VERY MUCH         NOT BAD       AVERAGE      NOT MUCH      VERY LITTLE

Select the items for which your answer was VERY LITTLE. Those should be the first fields or subjects to tackle. Decide on goals in each of them and set and take the necessary steps to reach them as explained in my previous post on the Tree of Happiness. http://theoptimistinme.com/2013/12/28/the-tree-of-happiness/

Grow a healthy, balanced, lush Tree of Happiness

Grow a healthy, balanced, lush Tree of Happiness

Once one of those fields sprouts and grows strong branches and leaves, move down to the next VERY LITTLE area and set your goals for it. Do that until all your VERY LITTLE areas have branches and leaves and then start the whole process all over again but don’t set goals in any of the fields more than twice in a row. Don’t set objectives or goals in the same area or theme more than once in a row.

If you find yourself selecting a field three times in a row, skip the field and set a goal in whichever field comes next.

If you have no VERY LITTLE fields in your analysis, choose NOT MUCH fields next. The objective should be to have all fields AVERAGE or better.

Remember that your duty is TO BE HAPPY.

Enjoy life, J.