Adoption is for Optimists


My definition of an optimist is: a person who never gives up. Pessimists usually give up before trying because they already “know” it’s not going to work.

Adoption processes are sometimes quite complex; international adoptions specially so. Not only is a ton of paperwork needed, but there are quite a lot of hurdles on the way.

Our own international adoption took 6 years. Yes. 6 years. No kidding.

Once the paperwork is finished and you pass the home visit and test, you are assigned a child or you travel to a distant country to meet your new kid. You cross your fingers that he or she will be healthy and fine. You start worrying, will the kid and I bond? Will there be any other problems? Will the rest of my family and extended family accept this child? Will he or she integrate easily?

You finally meet the child. Many of us, the lucky ones, fall instantly in love with him or her.

And then the story begins like any other story with any other biological child. He or she will have problems and issues, like any other growing child. And as a parent, you will continue being the eternal optimist who faces those problems and keeps on going and supporting the kid so he or she can become a happy adult some time in the future.

Yes, adoptive parents must be optimists. The road is so hard and strenuous that we’d give up if not.

Enjoy life… all of it, J.

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