Is Your Brain So Busy Thinking That You Don’t Live?

Many people are so focused on their feelings and thoughts that they neglect to actually live…

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Unlearning Unlove

All human beings are born to love. As babies, we feel happy and thrive when loved and expect it and share it as the most natural thing. But then things happen and we sometimes learn otherwise…

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Book Review: What Story Do You Tell Yourself? by the Red Headed Book Lover Blog

WHAT STORY DO YOU TELL YOURSELF? is a practical book that will help you get to know yourself better, grow and develop as a human being. By applying a movie and story simile, WHAT STORY DO YOU TELL YOURSELF? leads you into knowing yourself well enough to choose the type of life you wish to live.

WHAT STORY DO YOU TELL YOURSELF? is the key to your own stage. Write the script you want, within the gender you prefer and give all your characters the roles that you want them to play. Direct your movie so it becomes the one you really want to live.

Choose wellbeing, serenity, happiness, whichever makes you vibrate. This book will take you there.