What Can Go Right?

Most people grow into believing that problems and difficulties will be avoided by carefully planning the future. Others devote a lot of their hours to worrying about what may happen and trying to devise ways to prevent it. What if I told you that they are all wasting their time?

As first published by HUBPAGES

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Interviewing… Orsolya Szathmari

Naturopath, Nutrition, Reflexology, Bioresonance – www.orsolyaszathmari.com

Orsolya will have her own stand at the 1st Global Optimism Summit. Come and meet her!


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Handling Bullying or Abuse

Read my previous article, Stop Punishing the Bully! for an introduction to the topic.

Bullying is not solved by punishing the abuser and removing the victim from the scene of the abuse. Deeper work needs to be done to guarantee that the abuser doesn’t go looking for new targets and the victim doesn’t fall into the same trap again.

(As first published by HUBPAGES)

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