Financial Humanology for Families

– changing beliefs, removing blocks and limitations –



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Humanology for Couples 3 – Love Thyself First

Haven’t you been told that selfishness is wrong? That one should always place others before oneself? Well, sorry, I disagree! ☺️ Let me explain why…


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The Elements of Humanology

Humanology is the discipline that works with and for human beings. By explaining human beings in a comprehensive but flexible way, humanology can help us understand ourselves, others and the world around us. As a discipline, humanology stands on academic and scientific knowledge taken from many different fields and balanced by the life experience of the professional humanologist. Thus, humanology approaches the human being as a completely unique and complex entity and adapts its tools, strategies, methods and approaches accordingly. The work of a good humanologist will vary from client to client, depending on the client’s needs and personal sphere.

There are certain clusters of tools or methods used in humanology that target different types of situations and problems. Let me mention but a few of them: Read More