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WHAT STORY DO YOU TELL YOURSELF? is a practical book that will help you get to know yourself better, grow and develop as a human being. By applying a movie and story simile, WHAT STORY DO YOU TELL YOURSELF? leads you into knowing yourself well enough to choose the type of life you wish to live.

WHAT STORY DO YOU TELL YOURSELF? is the key to your own stage. Write the script you want, within the gender you prefer and give all your characters the roles that you want them to play. Direct your movie so it becomes the one you really want to live.

Choose wellbeing, serenity, happiness, whichever makes you vibrate. This book will take you there.

Jessica J. Lockhart is a well-accomplished author and a talented woman who has written What Story Do You Tell Yourself? to help and coach people on how to better their life. Lockhart defines herself as a humanologist who loves to coach and mentor as well as teach and do inspirational talks. Of course, there are a lot of people in the world and Lockhart is not able to reach everybody, so that is why she has written her book; to reach those she can’t physically and to help as many people as possible and that to me, is a wonderful thing.

What Story Do You Tell Yourself? is the second book of Lockhart’s I have loved and am reviewing. Her first book, titled The Optimist in You, is an inspirational, informative guide on how somebody can improve and better their life and use optimism to improve it! Her book was phenomenal, and so I was desperate to get my hands on this one! What Story Do You Tell Yourself? is a very short read with roughly 50 pages, however, this is not a bad thing, it is actually a great factor because it means this book will be widely available for all those who live a busy life. I personally love to read self-help books that are short, quick, concise and to the point. These kind of reads are great in my opinion because it means you are able to put the book in your bag and read it whenever you get a moment during a busy day.

What Story Do You Tell Yourself? is a book that will inform you of many important things and make you better understand yourself. It will force you to examine your life, yourself, your habits… everything, and how you can change and live the life you want to. Lockhart emphasizes to her readers continuously that you make your own future, you choose your path in life, and you can change your future. She emphasizes this throughout her astonishing book and teaches and coaches you along the way. As you read this book you will feel as if you are having a one on one, personal session with Jessica J. Lockhart and that is one of the qualities I love the most about What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

Jessica J. Lockhart is a talented and well-accomplished woman, there is no doubt about this as it is evident through her wise and stellar self-help book. I adore the personal touches Lockhart laces throughout her book; it makes her readers feel as if she is talking to you directly and that is a paramount quality with a self-help/coaching book. The reader needs to feel confident in the author and their world and because of Lockhart’s stellar, accomplished track record the reader will surely feel this.

As What Story Do You Tell Yourself? Is a brilliant self-help book with a compelling narrative and incredible knowledge laced throughout it which will provide readers with the tools to better your life and achieve your dreams; I have no choice but to give this exceptional book a dazzling Five Stars! So please book lovers, read this excellent book and feel inspired to change!

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