Conversations with Jessica. An invitation

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Conversations with Jessica – January

Please, let me invite you to join me once a month in “Conversations with Jessica,” a free space for humanology in which you’ll be able to ask me all your questions and doubts and in which I’ll be sharing tips, ideas, strategies and data.

“Conversations with Jessica” is an online conversation between you and me. You can all participate by asking for the link to our Google hangouts, an app that doesn’t require you to download any software.

You can participate live, on or off your camera, via chat or by talking. You can also be one of the guests who will join me live in Worb, Switzerland.

You can just join in to listen. There’s no need at all to share any personal information. You’re welcome to sit and listen. And to invite your friends to join us.

But you’re also more than welcome to participate by sending me your questions or asking them online.

Request all the details by sending me an email:

Each second Monday from 7 to 8 pm (Swiss time, please check your local time conversion). Next session: February 8

Let’s enjoy a nice conversation once a month. Let’s enjoy life… all of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart