Humanology in Guadalajara – for You, for Companies

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For the second year in a row, international humanologist Jessica J. Lockhart visits Guadalajara invited by Adriana Fernández in order to help human beings understand themselves better and progress in their personal and professional development. 

Humanology is the discipline that works with and for human beings and combines academic and scientific knowledge with life experience to offer a complete and comprehensive methodology. Humanology is the springboard from which to help human beings understand themselves better and progress in every field of life: work, finance, personal development, human relationships…
Humanology applied to the executive or economic spheres, for example, is opening new avenues of research and work from a very solid and deep practical perspective. Approaching the reality of human beings from humanology allows professionals in every field progress like never before in everything related to the people they work with.
Don’t miss this opportunity and discover what humanology can do for you. Request a one-to-one session with Jessica J. Lockhart ( or maybe a workshop or seminar for your employees or for the executives in your company. Humanology offers you all the tools you need to enhance leadership, collaboration and motivation at all levels.
Humanology is sweeping the world. Don’t be the last one to discover it.

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