Humanology is the discipline that studies and works with and for human beings. It helps human beings develop and grow by helping them expand their worldview and offering them whatever tools they need to face the challenges they encounter in life. Humanology helps human beings approach reality from their own personal singularity and uniqueness, while taking their basic human needs into account.

Humanology studies the human being from an integral and individualized perspective. Humanologists therefore require broad and solid academic foundations and wide and varied personal experiences to fully understand each person and apply the best methodology to each situation. Humanology represents a new paradigm, a new holistic approach that encompasses very diverse perspectives, disciplines and tools. Humanology can apply tools as diverse as mentoring, NLP, Optimism Coaching® or Personal Essence®.

Humanology helps the executive and business world by helping human beings tackle their blocks and limitations. It also helps expatriates and migrants who face the hurdles of adapting to new countries or environments. Humanology helps those who were abused, those with identity problems (LGTB), young people who do not know how to approach life, those who are discouraged and depressed or those who want to reach their full potential. Humanology works with and for people, all people in all spheres of life.

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