I am Part of Humanity


I happened to be born here! My husband happened to be born somewhere else! And both my children happened to be born in different countries… Had my daughter stayed in her home country, her life would have been very, very different.

So how can I defend being a native citizen of any one country? I was born in one, grew up in another one and then lived in 5 more. So far, I have been a citizen of 7 countries because that’s where I lived and where my children grew up. And I learned to understand, respect and love all of them and their peoples.

How could I ever boast? I was born here just by chance! Nobody chooses where to be born. We are born, that’s it. Or did you choose before coming down here? When people defend the supremacy of their home country over other countries, I can´t help but think: “you didn’t actually choose to be born here! It was a matter of luck!” And that makes me then question who we are to doubt and judge others who happened to be born somewhere else. Did they get a chance to choose?

And once we’re born in a certain place, we can but learn what those living in it teach us. Unless we’re exposed to other cultures and countries, ours is the only one we know. Once again, we don’t choose what we’re exposed to, are we?

After living in so many countries and getting to know so many cultures, there is one thing I did learn: we are much more alike than different. I haven’t met one single person in ANY of those countries who didn’t want to have a good life and an even better one for their children. That is common to all humanity. We all want to have good lives and enjoy our time here. 

That’s why I defend being a part of humanity, and not a member of a certain country where I… happened to be born. And you, are you part of humanity?

Enjoy life, ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology