Kariboo Also in Chinese

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Kariboo is the little book I wrote for my daughter when we were adopting her and had to leave her behind in the orphanage until the paperwork was completed. Poor Kariboo couldn’t understand why her new family were abandoning her.

That happened 10 years ago. Then I told myself that I would re-write the book and make it available to other parents and children in similar situations.

I re-wrote the book several times and illustrated it myself. Then I looked and tried different illustrators. It took me ten years to finally have the book I had envisioned in my hands. But here it is now, in many different languages and being sold all around the world to help parents and children in their difficult adoption processes.

Don’t lose hope if your dreams take a while. Don’t give them up just because they might seem unreachable at moments. Dreams are like that. If not, we’d be talking about goals. Dreams must somehow feel unreachable to be different from goals.

So persevere. Keep your dreams in your heart while you continue living and take steps towards them whenever possible. They do come true if you pursue them enough. And you learn a lot in the process 🙂

Enjoy life… all of it, J.

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