Nothing is Impossible.



My father was a teacher trainer. He taught teachers how to teach. And one of the things I learned from him is that there’s no such thing as a bad student but only teachers who don’t have the skills to teach them the way they need to be taught. We all learn using different natural strategies. Some of us are more visual, others need to touch or experience things. Any decent teacher should be able to adapt lessons so that all students use their natural strategies and learn to the best of their potential.

My eldest daughter is graduating from high school this year. In her many years as a student, most of her teachers refused to make the effort to see how she could be taught. Because she was not an easy student, they labeled her as lazy and left it at that.

Some teachers went so far as to try and stop her from learning.

My daughter just completed high school. Her English score is 7, the maximum at school. Some of her previous English teachers failed her over and over again. And discouraged and insulted her. Some of you reading this might even know some of those so-called teachers.

Fortunately, she just needed one teacher who cared and believed in her.

Not only did she graduate but she did with very good grades. In spite of many of her teachers. How sad is that?

I wish there were more teacher trainers like my Dad. I wish other people started teaching teachers that each person is capable of everything, if given whatever it is they need.

Well done, honey!

Enjoy life… all of it, J.