Now, by L.C. Melton

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Pushing a thought around in my mind today like a kitten nose butting a ball of yarn around a room, I was intent but frustrated not quite ever getting it where I wanted my idea to go.. So, I decided to write down my yarn and listen to its lesson.

I was contemplating the mental picture of a Maxfield Parish sky with pastel colors reflected in the ocean and the distant sun low hanging just above the line where sky meets sea. The sky is spectrally painted from purple to yellow through the longer wave lengths in this panoply of light.

One can tell the difference between a burdened pessimist and a joyful optimist by their response to the question, “Is the sun rising or setting in this painting?”

The pessimist will invariably answer, “it’s setting,” and will probably include, “of course!” adding uncredentialed authority to the negative observation.

The optimist will, without seeming to even consider, boldly announce it is rising and go on to explain that after the night’s cooling and settling of winds, the atmosphere is clearer and the colors brighter and crisper with shorter wavelengths producing distinct yellows in the morning sky adding science to support the positive observation.

The truth is, a Parrish sky whether on canvas or atmospheric is neither setting or rising. It just is what it is without reference to time or place. It needs no adjective to define it for no words can fully provide description. I find perhaps the most glowing attribute of positive thinking that comes to me is the gift to accept, appreciate, and be grateful for the greatness or beauty in everything.

And that Parrish sky…it is simply there, now, indescribable , undefinable, unfathomable…eternal. ”Beauty is its own excuse for Being,” here in the eternal present.

Still, someone sighed and moaned, “Now is all we have.”

I exuberantly declared, “Now is all we need!”

The Joy of Living


The above text was sent to me by my dear friend L.C. Melton whom I have previously introduced here. Thank you, Melton, for your wonderful insights. And for letting me share them. I love them.

Continue enjoying life… all of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart