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Optimism Coaching® is a complete self-development method designed to help each human being address vital changes from a positive vision of themselves and their reality. Optimism Coaching® is especially useful for those who feel they have a lack of energy, will and/or motivation, or who would like to rise from a state of apathy and sadness. Usually the first step in a journey of self-discovery and personal development, Optimism Coaching® leads human beings back into their own innate optimism. Genuine optimism doesn’t mean idealizing reality but rather perceiving it on the basis of objectivity and common sense in order to make progress without surrendering to transient circumstances.

An emerging methodology, Optimism Coaching® constitutes a very powerful and easy to use approach to recovering the strength and energy drained from human beings by the vicissitudes of life. Encompassing a full set of strategies and practical tools, it results in an improved quality of life and better general health, an expanded worldview, greater resourcefulness and more satisfaction. A true optimist never surrenders and always finds a way to move forward.

Optimism is rooted in common sense and logic and benefits human beings in all areas of life. Science has already proven time and time again that optimists live longer, healthier and more productive lives. Many companies are currently assessing optimism in their candidates during their selection processes because they know that true optimists will contribute much more to their companies.

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