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Human beings are already unique and singular upon birth and that uniqueness is theirs throughout life; it is their Personal Essence. Personalities stem from that unique nature. Personal Essence® is a method to identify our innermost nature, that uniqueness that is ours, the concept that best describes who we are when everything that is ours is taken away from us. Once identified, our Personal Essence helps us clearly understand our relationships and ourselves. By knowing what our personal essence is, our future will seem clearer and our decisions easier.

The personal essence of a human being is what remains after removing personality, thoughts, feelings, body... All human beings have a unique personal essence that confers them a set of characteristics that will define them for life. Human personal essence is immutable.

When in a state of flow, human beings are immersed in their personal essence.

Although the search for a person´s personal essence is a complex process, it is today possible through humanology. By applying a practical method designed by Jessica J. Lockhart, human beings can discover what their personal essence is and how to apply it to better understand themselves and their personal and social circumstances.

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