How Can I Help the World?

  1. Remember that person who’s always grumpy and makes you upset? Don’t become one!
  2. Remember the person who doesn’t respond to your smile but frowns? Keep on smiling, their anger is theirs, not yours.
  3. Remember that time you helped somebody and only got a rebuff as an answer? Next time, don’t take it personally and continue offering your support to others who need it.
  4. Can you think of a person who always brings out the worst in you? Love yourself enough to not let anything external upset you.
  5. Can you think of a person who always brings out the worst in you? Accept that person’s humanity and treat him or her with understanding and respect.
  6. Accept that you don’t have all the answers.
  7. Accept that another person’s answers might be the right ones.
  8. Understand that your experience of the world is limited.
  9. Look for the human behind the image you see. There’s a fragile human being hiding inside that body, a person with wishes, fears, dreams and beliefs, just like you.
  10. Look into the mirror, look for yourself… really, really look at you, and once you see yourself, send love to the human being that you are. By loving yourself more, you will love the world better.
  11. Make an effort to stop judging others… nobody has all the answers… nobody has all the knowledge. Not even you.
  12. Choose to have a good day.
  13. Choose to help one person this week.
  14. A little goes a long way. Choose one person you’re going to be specially nice to today. (If it doesn’t work, go back to number 3.)
  15. Say thank you and feel the gratitud.
  16. Forgive those who hurt you, even in small things, for they might know no better or could perhaps do no other way. (Remember, you don’t know everything).
  17. When something upsets you, ask yourself, would I rather be angry or enjoy this moment in my life that will never exist again? And smile 😉.
  18. Ask your loved ones at least once a week, how can I help you have a better day? And help them.
  19. Remember that the people you see working at the restaurant, in stores, on buses and trains… are human beings as well, with dreams, fears, wishes, feelings… They also want to be happy, just like you.
  20. The homeless person also dreams and would like to be happy.
  21. Look behind clothes, skin color and haircuts to see the human being.
  22. Remember, you only get one life. Choose how you want to live it wisely.
  23. Remember, everybody else gets one life. Choose how you want to treat them wisely.
  24. In the company of others, be fully there.
  25. A moment not lived is doesn’t exist.

Enjoy life, ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology –

This Season…

This is the season to love and share; the season to hug one another and open our hearts and homes to people we often ignore. This is the season to ponder and plan, to introspect and wish, to dream and be good. A very big part of the world historically turned this season into a symbol of peace and celebration. In time, it also became a symbol of expenditure.

Today, many voices question this season saying that it’s all fake and artificial.

This what I believe…

Many, many, many human beings accept having this season as a time for everything I said above. Many people do make the effort to share some happy moments with others and to engage in activities and plans they would otherwise reject or neglect. Some of them do so for the sake of children, so little ones have a magical moment in the year to dream and wish. Others do it because it’s a tradition in their culture. Still others do it because they really want to make the effort.

Whatever the reason, my question is, why not?

Here we have a season that fosters love and understanding, respect and humanity, charity and decency. What is wrong with having a season (even if artificially) devoted to that?

Some say it’s wrong because those goals should exist all year round and they don’t. To those who say that, I respond: who’s preventing you from pursuing them each and every day of your life? If others can only pursue those goals for a few days a year, why not let them? Why do we reject the good just because it’s temporary? Why not take whatever good there is instead of rejecting it just because it’s transient?

Others say the season is fake. My response to them is: nobody is asking you to fake it. You can decide to love, help and embrace the people you truly care for. If you really don’t want to be with certain members of your family or friends, why should you? You can be with others and still spread love and happiness among those. Is there really nobody you’d like to acknowledge and cherish, even if for a few days? Isn’t there anyone you’d like to say thank you to, anyone you’d like to do something special for, anyone you’d like to share some special moments with? Those should be your season companions. The spirit of this season will become whatever you want it to be.

And still others reject this season because it brings back sad memories… memories of wishes unfulfilled, of love unrequited. To them my response is: the past is gone. The present is here. Why not create new memories today? Why not experience and enjoy the present? Choosing melancholy over joy these days is your decision. I choose to look for kindness and warmth.

I believe all human beings could profit from a season like this; a season consciously accepted as a time to love and share, to look for good instead of evil, to focus on those we love and stop focusing on those we don’t. I truly believe that this artificially created season could become an oasis in our lives that each of us could fill with memories of love and companionship. It’s our choice. It’s for us to celebrate or not.

The world is ours. Our lives are ours. We choose what to make of them. What’s wrong with choosing to be happy and letting positive events, feelings and emotions guide us, even if for a few days? For centuries, some of our human cultures extolled pain, deprivation and suffering as the way to glory. For centuries, being happy or joyful was akin to sin or unholiness. Funnily enough, though, those same cultures defended loving one another, charity, loyalty and helping others as basic human duties. I believe humanity is ready to take a step forward and seek glory through love. The time is ripe for us to grow as human beings by accepting what’s good in ourselves and others instead of constantly seeking the bad. It’s time to enjoy and rejoice. It’s time to give ourselves permission to relax and feel good about ourselves and others.

In a world in which there is so much suffering, why fight against some days devoted to love and to helping others?

True, there will be some who will continue fighting, killing, plundering. True, there will still be suffering in the world. It’s very sad. But maybe our little effort, made from awareness and goodwill, sheds a little light and warmth. If we all choose to do good instead of criticizing and  complaining about evil, won’t we already be contributing and creating something positive?

And maybe some time in the future, if the world accepted having this volunteer time devoted to love, friendship and humanity, we could expand the days and turn this season into something bigger or more often celebrated each year. Can you imagine what would happen if the whole world truly devoted a few days to celebrating love and helping other human beings? Imagine…

I choose to enjoy life, ALL of it. What about you?

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology –


Small excerpt from the humanology talk on CREATING BELIEFS presented last October 19, 2016 at the Inspirando Vidas platform on their weekly program Conversaciones con Jessica. Learn more about beliefs, worldviews, coaching, humanology and similiar topics by subscribing to my Youtube channel here:

Let’s enjoy life, ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology

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