The Pollyanna effect

pollyannaPollyanna is the name of a book by Eleanor H. Porter that Disney turned into a movie in 1960 under the same title.

THEGLADGAMEILLOrphaned at an early age, Pollyanna travels to live with an unknown aunt who’s not very happy. By playing what she calls the Glad Game, Pollyanna teaches her aunt and other characters in the village to see their lives under a happier light. Whenever they are sad or depressed, they are supposed to find something to be glad about.

Every since the book was first published, Pollyanna has been used as a word to define people who are too optimistic, that is, people who don’t think about consequences or reality but just hope for the best and trust their luck.

There's always a rainbow somewhere

There’s always a rainbow somewhere

Being an optimist doesn’t necessarily mean being foolish. It’s obvious that all decisions in life must be taken after considering the pros and cons, and not just by letting life take us. But having said this (which I believe is pure common sense) I must insist that optimism only brings good to us. If you are a normal-thinking person who ponders things logically, there’s no such thing as excessive optimism for you. So let go of restrains and feel free to feel optimistic to the core. The rewards are out there, waiting for you.

Enjoy life, J.