Workshop for Women

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This practical workshop is designed for those women who fight day after day to reach the demands they perceive in their lives. It’s designed for those women who don’t feel satisfied or happy, for those for whom life is a struggle, a burden, a challenge. It’s also designed for those women who want to feel happier, more satisfied and more willing to enjoy life each day.

This practical workshop will offer you the tools you need to review your life and achieve greater personal development by opening new doors and displaying new paths towards a better balanced life filled with joy.

Based on her work as an expert humanologist, Jessica J Lockhart offers her clients practical analysis tools to help them grow and solve the conflicts they have in their lives and thus unblock themselves to continue advancing and reaching new goals.

This new workshop is specially designed for women and focuses on our specificities and conditionings.

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Learn to enjoy life… all of it,
Jessica J. Lockhart