Workshop: Free Yourself. 5 practical tools to remove masks and enjoy better and more authentic relationships


Learn how to improve your relationships at home and at work in with these 5 easy and practical tools to understand and remove human masks.

All human beings wear masks. Some of those masks are cultural, others are personal and some still are professional or educational masks. Masks lead us to seeing the world and others through them and to interacting only as masks, thus preventing us from more authentic relationships with our surrounding world.

This practical workshop will help you identify your masks and choose which ones to remove and which ones to keep. Become the master of your relationships.

Humanology is the discipline that works for and with human beings by combining academic knowledge and life experience. Humanologist Jessica J. Lockhart can guide you through the world of human relationships and offer you her complete toolbox to help you handle and solve whatever situation you may encounter.

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Enjoy life, ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology –


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