You Choose

Give yourself permission

What does happiness mean to you? Probably not what it means to me. We all answer different things when asked what happiness means. But let me tell you what it means to me and why I ask you to always look for a source of happiness. To me, happiness means feeling that my life is worth living; worth experiencing in all its glory, with its good and bad moments, with its many lessons and pleasures. But happiness is something one chooses to have, I also believe.

Sometimes life throws unexpected and unwanted pains and challenges our way. We suffer and feel hurt, tired, hopeless or even desperate. It might even look like life is only adding one challenge upon another. The pain grows, the worry engulfs us, the stress of it all seems to overpower us.

It is then that we can choose. We can choose to focus only on our problems and suffering and let them control what we feel and what we live; let them suffocate us and weight us down. We can choose to stop fighting and to drift away into the depths of despair carried by our own drama. That is one choice.

We can also choose to try and find a source of happiness in the middle of it all; something to cheer us up or offer us some very needed hope. We can chose to brighten our dark days even if a little bit by finding that one source of happiness that will offer us the respite we need. The source of happiness could take the form of peace, love, joy, release or whatever it is that balances our life enough to continue making us feel that it is worth living. Happiness is not just a matter of joy or laughter to me. Happiness comes from many different sources and results in feeling good to be alive.

The mere act of looking for a source of happiness in the middle of sadness or pain becomes a distraction from them and helps us rest our troubled minds for a short while. Finding the source of happiness gives our spirit the break it might need to regain its balance.

Next time you feel that life is drowning you, make the conscious choice to look for a source of happiness. A real one. Enjoy the search and bask in the happiness you find when reaching your goal. Then look at life again. Who knows? Maybe it won’t look as bad as before.

Enjoy life, all of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart