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My name is Jessica J. Lockhart and my job is to help people be happier, regardless of what happiness may mean to them. I offer human beings all my academic knowledge and life experience; everything I learned as a professional simultaneous interpreter and teacher and by living in six different countries and cultures. I offer them all the tools I have discovered and all the ones I have designed myself in order to give everyone the most adequate methodologies and strategies so they can continue growing, developing or overcoming the obstacles they may encounter in their personal and professional lives.

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Workshops, courses and training for companies, executives and entrepreneurs. Understand human beings and lead the human component in your company to excellence.
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Work with Jessica J. Lockhart to guide you on your way. Learn from his extensive experience and knowledge. In person and online.

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Inspiring and motivating talks and seminars, hands-on workshops, training courses and unique events. Any format.

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Lourdes, Bern, Switzerland.

"A positive energy workshop with practical tools you can use straight away".

Brenda, Moscow, Russia.

"I do believe these strategies will really improve my happiness and lifestyle.”

Richard, Bern, Switzerland.

"In a surprisingly short time you have enabled me to understand myself for the first time and not only unravel the reasons I have felt like I have and realise what I’ve let hold me back, but change my perspective. I am now looking forward to the rest of my life and no longer looking back with regret. Good company, coffee and attention from Gaudi (the dog). Thank you. Kind regards”.

Fernanda, Moscow, Russia

"Helped me a lot to change my mind with positive things and helped me to see the happiness inside me".

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