5 Uses of Your Personal Essence®

 You are what you are and will always be! Your deepest nature is there, inside you, and will remain there throughout your life, making you the human being you are, making you slightly different from absolutely everybody else.

Personal Essence® is the term we use to refer to that innermost nature of yours that you are when everything else is taken away from you: thought, feeling, body, emotion… Personality and identity are built upon Personal Essence®.

How can knowing your Personal Essence® help you in your day to day life?

  1. Finding meaning: Look back at your life. Look for those moments that didn’t make sense or made you feel bad, one way or another. Look at them now from the knowledge of your Personal Essence®. Did others react to your essence? Did you act like that because of your essence? Did your essence get on the way or guided you in a certain direction? Since I discovered that my own Personal Essence® is light, I started understanding why certain people reacted the way they did when facing me. I also found a clear explanation to my apparently inexhaustible energy levels, among many other things. Go back in time and review those moments from your Personal Essence®. You will be surprised.
  2. Decision-making: Whenever confronted with several choices, forget the pros and cons! Use your Personal Essence® instead. Go back to your Personal Essence®, look at each choice and ask then yourself which one suits your essence best. For example, if your essence is feeling, which of the choices makes you feel most or, if your essence is lion, which of the choices offers you a greater sense of freedom or power? The one that best matches your essence will be your perfect match and thus your perfect choice. If you choose that one, everything will flow, as it will connect to your innermost nature.
  3. Recovering your energy levels: Whenever life seems to be too much or you’re just tired but need an extra boost to complete whatever you’re doing, close your eyes, inhale deeply and go back to your Personal Essence®. Feel your essence in you. Be your Personal Essence®. An immediate surge of energy will run through your body like magic.
  4. Facing problems: If a problem overwhelms you or you seem to struggle to find a solution, go back to your Personal Essence®, recharge your batteries and then open your eyes to face the problem again. As if by magic, the problem will immediately seem to have shrunk.
  5. Improving relationships: Knowing what your main traits are will definitely help you establish and maintain relationships. You will stop forcing yourself to do things that go against your internal nature and will take advantage of those characteristics in you that can help you be true to yourself while relating and interacting with others. So, if your Personal Essence® is for instance, fire, you will understand that movement is a must in you. Whenever a relationship forces you to remain still for too long, that relationship is prone to hurt you or to fail. Explaining your need to move to the other person can thus make a huge difference in your life.

These 5 are but a few of the uses of knowing one’s Personal Essence®. Remember that discovering your own Personal Essence® requires the guidance of an expert and a very careful and well-designed procedure. I encourage every human being to discover theirs, as life then becomes so much easier and meaningful.

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Enjoy life, ALL of it,

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