A Weekend Experience to Recover Your Energy

A client comes to my office referred by a company I used to work for. They want her to come to me because her productivity levels are quite low. During our first conversation, the woman tells me that she really wants to work on herself and change her situation but doesn’t know how to do it. We start collecting the most basic information but she keeps on sighing and telling me that the work we’re doing is too much for her. She just doesn’t have the energy to work on that.


How many times have you been in a situation like that, in which your client just doesn’t have the energy or the motivation to work? They want to, they really do, but taking the first steps looks like an impossible, unbearable task. Maybe they finally do, somehow pushed by their circumstances or by the work they do with you, but the stamina to keep on working is just not there. As coaches, mentors, counsellors or professionals working with other human beings, we often have this type of client; the one willing to change but unable to take the steps to do so. We try to motivate them or help them see their situation maybe from a different perspective, but often times, nothing works. And nothing works because those clients have an unfulfilled basic need that has to be satisfied before they can actually even think about changing anything.  They need to recover their energy, their motivation, their drive, their optimism.

There are many reasons why people lose them. They lose them to stress or worry, to guilt or depression, to mental exhaustion. Those around them might not even realize how utterly de-energized these people are because losing one’s energy is usually a very slow and gradual process that even those suffering from are not aware of. The only thing they know is that they just can’t cope. There comes a day when that lack of energy is too much and symptoms show: stress, burnout, depression… In which case, professionals focus on the symptoms neglecting, once again, the original cause.

A different approach is needed

Many professionals work with clients in this kind of situation by offering them generic solutions, tools and strategies; do this or do that. They have a list of possible situations paired with solutions and follow it to the dot. But that can never work. Human beings are all different and thus need different solutions.

The client I mentioned before lost her optimism and energy through worry. She worries most of the hours of her days and doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. It has become second nature to her. And all that worry consumes her mental capacity causing a lot of silent stress and subconscious exhaustion. Another one of her colleagues is also exhausted and lacks the motivation needed to get up in the mornings, so he’s often late for work. He’s tried every possible solution but nothing works. The real underlying cause in this case is pessimism in the form of self-belief. He believes he’s going to fail and that belief leads him to constantly sabotaging himself. And there’s a third colleague I’m working with; a woman from a different country who is so busy trying to fit in and be accepted that her real professional work is suffering from a lack of focus.

Most professionals will just address the three cases by offering them similar tools…. just because there’s nothing else in their toolbox!  Most professionals will just offer their clients whatever solution they have for lack of energy or burnout, through powerful questions if the main tool is coaching or by preparing a plan together if it is mentoring, for example. Professionals will offer what they have and know. Unfortunately, those three human beings might need completely different solutions, and not only because their problems stem from different roots, but also because they might require different strategies due to their different worldviews and personalities.

If you are a professional who works with human beings and sometimes face this problem, there will soon be an event open to you in which to experience and live a complete set of different tools, strategies and methods to help them help themselves. This is no regular event; it’s not a congress or a set of speakers giving you their theories or solutions for you to digest and maybe have some “aha” moments. This is more, oh so much more. This event is a complete weekend experience in which you will live, feel, understand and internalize more than 20 tools led by specifically trained facilitators in theme-based workshops in a language of your choice, English, German or Spanish. But let me tell you more about this unique optimism bootcamp…

1st Global Optimism Summit

This Summit is born with the goal of empowering human beings in a deep, solid and logical way. Every tool shared will focus on one of the problems that drain our energy or motivation. The Summit is organized in a very practical and useful way. The first and only conference in the program will present the knowledge behind the tools and the methodology and application of the techniques. Participants will then embark on different topic-centered workshops in which they will experience each of the tools used for that specific problem in smaller groups. For example, the first workshop focuses on mood-changing tools, or how to go from sad, worried, upset or angry to happier,  more centered, better ready to do something else. A set of tools will be presented and explained before each workshop. Participants will then apply the tools with the help of the facilitators, so they can experience their impact upon themselves.

No participant will be asked to share their personal experiences; nobody will be placed in the limelight or questioned in public. This event is a pleasant, comfortable experience that will endow participants with mechanisms and techniques to use whenever they need them or to share with their teams or clients.

Focused on offering participants the tools they need to change their moods, use their brains to their advantage, boost their motivation and their optimism, understand and handle stress and burnout, this weekend experience will include enough material and knowledge for everyone to benefit and grow.

The Summit also includes two very exciting and interesting roundtable discussions with experts from all around the world who will debate such important topics as, Can one be happy without optimism? and Optimism in a world of diversity. Participants will be invited to ask their questions and join in the discussion.

There will be more activities offered during the Summit as well, specific additional activities for participants to join if they so wish to during the coffee and lunch breaks: an exhibition of qigong, a professional internationally renowned happy painter and her art, information on new healthy supplement business opportunities and many more.

This 1st Global Optimism Summit is open to participants from all over the world. It will take place November 17 and 18 in an amazing venue, Landguet Ried, just outside Bern and surrounded by nature and beauty. Rooms are also available for those wishing to stay over and make the weekend experience an even more comfortable one.

Registration is open and several prices and packages are offered so that everyone can join in and experience this amazing event. Because our clients need it. Because we all need it.

I invite you to join this 1st Global Optimism Summit and learn how to enjoy life… ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology and optimism coaching – www.jessicajlockhart.com

Jessica J. Lockhart is a humanologist, bestselling author and renowned international speaker especializad in understanding human beings.
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