About me

For more than 20 years I worked as a simultaneous interpreter for Nobel Prizes, prestigious scientists, academicians and professionals of all trades and renowned political leaders, which offered me the intense multi-thematic and state-of-the-art learning that I so enjoyed. That academic development was further enhanced by a very rich and varied life experience. My intense personal journey shaped me as a professional and led me to developing Humanology®, Personal Essence® and Optimism Coaching®. The discipline of Humanology® and the tools of Personal Essence® and Optimism Coaching® are designed to help human beings be happier, whatever that concept means to them.

My career as a humanologist began when I lost my distinctive optimism to several personal events, including two car accidents that resulted in acute, chronic physical pain for years and a wheelchair in the not-so-distant future. To deal with those circumstances, I started coaching myself back to optimism and energy, which resulted in my own Optimism Coaching® method and my first book, The Optimist in You. Encouraged by people recovering their lost optimism, I decided to continue learning other techniques and methods focused on personal growth and development and thus became a Humanologist.

Mother of two wonderful children and an energetic and multifaceted professional, I define myself as a humanologist. Having lived in the United States, Spain, France, Poland, Russia and Switzerland, I also worked as a teacher for adults and children in various countries, an experience that gave me the tools I needed to best share my knowledge with others. Trained as a multilingual ACC Coach and member of ICF, I went on to study neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Ho'oponopono, Quantum Touch, The Work, Radical Forgiveness, Empathy and any other tool or strategy that would help me help others better. I am the author of two blogs and The Optimist in You; Kariboo, a bilingual story for children who have lost their parents and go through adoption, immigration or asylum; What movie do you tell yourself? a personal development book to better understand oneself, and Coaching for you, a life coaching textbook soon to be published in English.