Adoption – How Humanology Can Help


Humanology is the discipline that helps human beings understand themselves and be happier. By applying the academic knowledge of different specialties and combining it with a wide life experience, professional humanologists offer their clients the tools they need to understand themselves better, discover what they want and how to reach it, unblock themselves and overcome fears and limitations.

Adoption processes can be loaded with problems and obstacles from the beginning. Some of the issues a good humanologist can help adoptive parents with are:

  1. Understanding wether they should adopt or not
  2. Coming to terms with not having their own biological children
  3. Coming to terms with the complexities of an adoption process and the long waiting times
  4. Understanding their feelings
  5. Accepting their child
  6. Explaining adoption to others
  7. Helping their children understand their adoption
  8. Helping their other children accept an adopted sibling
  9. Conflict resolution
  10. Understanding and accepting their reality, whichever it is

Some of the issues a good humanologist can help adopted children and adopted adults with are:

  1. Understanding and accepting their reality, whichever it is
  2. Understanding their feelings
  3. Sharing their adoption with others
  4. Communicating with their adoptive parents
  5. Deciding what they want from life
  6. Conflict resolution
  7. Deciding wether they want to seek their birth families or not
  8. Accepting who they are

Adoption is not always a happy route. Humanology can make it easier by offering you the tools you need to understand and solve some of its issues.

Enjoy life… ALL of it,

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