Humanity is not simple. Humanity is complex, varied, multi-everything: multi-cultural, multi-linguistic, multi-ethnic, multi-dimensional… But deep inside, human beings are the individual components of what we call humanity. Humanity is what we are and we all are humanity.

For centuries upon centuries, human beings have been fighting other human beings because of their differences. One religious group fights another religious group. One ethnic group fights another ethnic group. One cultural class fights another cultural class. There are thousands of examples. Some very old, indeed.

And still, human beings continue defending multiplicity. Human beings continue promoting classification, categorisation, definition and separation.

Will humanity really only react and see beyond the differences when facing a common enemy, like in Hollywood movies? Really? Will we see and VALUE what all human beings share and have in common ONLY when threatened by an external foe? Is that what the world needs to overcome this so very ancient tradition of fighting one another?

It’s my belief that humanity will only start healing when a significant percentage of human beings start celebrating our similarities instead of criticising or fighting our differences. It is my belief that humanity will become a true reality only when we start seeing beyond labels and -isms. Only when we are all truly treated the same way. Only when we see the human being, an integral part of humanity, in the person, no matter what genre, color, ethnicity, size, denomination, or any other classification that person is. It is my belief that humanity will only stop fighting the moment each member of the whole becomes as important as all the others.

To aliens coming from outer space, we are just human beings, another species. Do we need them to make us see it and feel like a united humanity?

All human beings have bodies. All human beings have thinking brains. All human beings have personalities. All human beings want very similar things: to love and be loved and to feel safe and happy. All human beings have dreams and fears. All human beings have a past and a future. All human beings are part of humanity.

Only when human beings celebrate our commonalities instead of highlighting our differences will humanity really lead the world. Until then, let’s hope the aliens get here fast.

Enjoy life… ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology –

Jessica J. Lockhart is a humanologist, bestselling author and renowned international speaker. Follow her here:
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