The Declaration of Human Rights as a Guide for Life

I sit to write today with the feeling that I must. As a human being, I cry for a more humane humanity, for more accepting societies, for more respectful beings and encourage you to discover and uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a text that is even more basic in our times, not only for its humanological principles, but because if offers us the basis for a wiser, more solid and happier humanity.


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Optimism and Thoughtlessness are Not Synonyms

Optimism is a concept that exists in every culture in the world, a word used by almost every human being, in spite of which, no two people understand it the same way. True optimism is deeply rooted on resourcefulness and hope and can’t be experienced without a solid element of common sense and logic.

(As first published by HUBPAGES)

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Press Release, January 15, 2018

Humanologist Jessica J. Lockhart one of the guest speakers at the bē’s World Happiness Fest to help share and increase happiness around the world

Published January 15, 2018 | By LG-Global Net