How often do you complain about the small bad things in life? ‘Argh, not again!’ ‘I’m tired of…’ ‘Why do I always have to…’

We often spend hours chatting with our friends and complaining about a bad day, a hard job or a nasty neighbor. We go on and on about it, analyzing the story for as many points of view as we can. We even call our friends just to tell them about something bad that happened to us, no matter how small: somebody pushing us in the street, a cake we’re baking burning or not rising in the oven, the ungratefulness of our children when we do something for them… You name it.

How often do you celebrate the small good things in life? ‘Yay, I got to… again’ ‘Wow, I’m happy I get to…’ ‘Hurray, I did…’

How many times do you spend hours telling your friends about a good day, a good working morning or a nice neighbor? I bet you don’t spend half as much as when you’re complaining. And I can’t imagine you calling your friends to tell them about something small but good happening to you: somebody opening the door so you can go in, a cake coming out perfect for tea, your children tidying up their room on their own for once.

I bet there’s quite a difference between both behaviors, the one that complains and the one that celebrates.

We’re so used to complaining! Our society leads us to believe that it’s ok to complain but rude to celebrate. We’re allowed to complain about small things but considered snobs or braggers when celebrating something of that size.

Don’t you feel like people hate it when you celebrate too much? Do you know what I say about that? TOO BAD FOR THEM!!! Let them continue having their petty, miserable, sad lives. But you, you keep on enjoying the little good things in life.

Pat your back every time you do something good; hug yourself whenever you accomplish a small victory; smile when you are treated nicely; feel warm inside each day you enjoy your work or your family… celebrate each and every small thing. Life is about being happy and enjoying.

Enjoy life… ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology – www.jessicajlockhart.com

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