What does happiness mean to you? Does it mean an absence of sadness? Is it a matter of laughing a lot? Or would you say that happiness is being at peace with yourself and the world?


Happiness means different things to different people. All definitions are valid and there’s no such thing as a wrong type of happiness.

The only important thing, though, is to be happy. I firmly believe that we’re born to be happy (whatever that means to each of us.) But many of us grow with the belief that being happy is somewhat wrong. How many people do you know who believe something bad is going to happen just because ‘they’re feeling too happy’ or ‘things are too good to be true?’ In some cultures more than in others, displaying happiness is even considered to be a bit rude. Don’t laugh too loud, don’t smile too much or too widely, don’t brag about the good in your life… Well, that is sad!

We’ve grown so used to complaining and looking for disappointment that we forget to enjoy and celebrate. We’re so used to feeling regret for what we lack that we neglect to feel happy for what we do have.

When children are quite small, up to the age of about four, each day, each moment, brings about the opportunity to enjoy and be happy. Each morning when they wake up, they face the world with great optimism and with the certainty that the day is going to be filled with adventure, fun and new discoveries. Until they start learning to “come down to earth’ or ‘get your head out of the clouds.’

I defend that life is still that happy place filled with happiness, if we just allow ourselves to find it and experience it. Each day comes with something new. How we take it will make us happy or not. Each day is a promise of new adventure and new moments and instants. Wether we decide to enjoy them or just let them go is up to each of us.

One way or another, many of us don’t give ourselves permission to be happy. I feel so sorry for those who don’t! Life is so much better, so much nicer, such a happier place when we choose to give ourselves the permission to enjoy it and be happy! Remember, it’s only a matter of choice… your choice.

Enjoy life… ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology – www.jessicajlockhart.com

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