Humanology® and Recovering Control

How can I take control of my life unless I fully understand who I am?

How can I control my feelings, unless I understand where they come from and what is causing them? How can I control my thoughts, unless I master the mechanism that allows me to turn them off when needed? How can I interact with others and the rest of the world, unless I fully control the person I am?

The answer to these and many other similar questions was never easier before. Until today, no discipline focused on studying human beings as integral beings. True, some disciplines focused on certain aspects of the human being: our minds, our bodies, our societies… but none on the human being as complete entities. Humanology® does that. Humanology® focuses on explaining and understanding human beings and thus, on offering practical tools so that each human being can then take control of his or her own humanity.

Human beings are born naked in body and mind. As the human being grows, it evolves, learns, acquires and deducts. Sadly, though, it goes through childhood, puberty, adulthood and old age without any real understanding of what being human really means. There’s no textbook, no teaching, no method… In ancient times, the elderly played the role of guides and teachers. But even that was also lost. It’s about time humanity finally focuses on understanding its most basic element, human beings. 

The human being model applied by humanology® to explain us conforms to all human beings, no matter what their race, origin or age. It includes four basic elements that combine into reflecting each unique person:

  • Personal Essence® or the basic, innermost nature of each human being. Once identified, it offers the first explanation of that particular human being’s core. It’s the only element that never changes in a human being.
  • Beliefs: aka convictions or opinions. Together with Personal Essence®, the foundations upon which a human being stands. Beliefs change and evolve throughout life and shape the way the person interacts with the world and other human beings.
  • Worldview: the unique lenses through which each human being perceives the world. They are made up of everything a person has ever learned of experienced and deduced.
  • Personal Sphere®: that personal, unbreakable, unbreachable place where human beings keep everything that belongs to just them, and can’t be given to anybody else: thoughts, feelings, opinions, dreams, and so on.

All human beings have these four elements and all they include. By understanding them, the human being can fully understand itself and take control of each of the components of its being. Humanology® focuses on each of the elements and offers specific tools to tackle them with. From Optimism Coaching® that helps recover lost motivation and energy to Absolute Forgiveness®, the ultimate forgiveness method to fully let go of past guilt, pain or rage, Humanology® offers the deepest understanding and the most complete toolbox to help human beings understand themselves and grow beyond their own limitations.

Understanding human beings should be at the basis of every human endeavour; after all, everything we do is human-based. Thus, humanology® is already being applied in many different fields such as Financial Humanology®, Humanology® for Executives and Companies, Humanology® for Couples and many other fields. Companies are using humanology® to help them handle their human component and reach unimaginable results. Humanology® is already helping families plan and execute new savings approaches that will result in their being much better prepared for the future and Humanology® is already being taught worldwide. Are you really going to miss this train? Aren’t you completely ready to understand yourself and the world around you?

Ask yourself what you treasure inside your own Personal Sphere® and what you’d like to remove or add, to begin with. If you feel like you need some help in handling your contents, don’t doubt asking a humanologist to help you. You will never regret it!

Discover how to enjoy life… ALL of it,

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