Humanology is the discipline that explains human beings and helps them develop and grow by helping them expand their worldview and offering them whatever tools they need to face the challenges they encounter in life. This new discipline deepens our understanding of ourselves and helps us face the different stages and challenges that life offers us in life and at work. Humanology helps human beings approach reality from their own personal singularity and uniqueness, while taking their basic human needs into account.

It studies the human being from an integral and individualized perspective. Humanologists therefore require broad and solid academic foundations and wide and varied personal experiences to fully understand each person and apply the best methodology to each situation.

It represents a new paradigm, a new holistic approach that encompasses very diverse perspectives, disciplines and tools. Humanology can apply tools as diverse as mentoring, NLP, positive psychology, Optimism Coaching® or Personal Essence®.

It is fundamental for executives and entrepreneurs seeking professional help when blocked or whenever pursuing excellence for the human component in their companies. It also helps human beings adapt to new or hostile environments and reaches specially powerful results when used by human beings who suffered any type of abuse, who have identity doubts or issues (LGTB), who don't know how to continue with their lives, who are depressed or discouraged or who just wish to grow and develop beyond their own limitations.


Optimism Coaching® is a complete and groundbreaking methodology designed to help each human recover their energy, their drive and their hope so as to be able to address vital changes from a positive vision of themselves and their reality. Optimism Coaching® is especially useful for those who feel they have a lack of energy, will and/or motivation, or who would like to rise from a state of apathy, melancholy or and sadness. Usually the first step in a journey of self-discovery and personal development, Optimism Coaching® leads human beings back into their own innate optimism. Genuine optimism doesn’t mean idealizing reality but rather perceiving it on the basis of objectivity and common sense in order to make progress without surrendering to transient circumstances.

An emerging methodology, Optimism Coaching® constitutes a very powerful and easy to use approach to recovering the strength and energy drained from human beings by the vicissitudes of life. Optimism is rooted in common sense and logic and benefits human beings in all areas of life. Science has already proven time and time again that optimists live longer, healthier and more productive lives. Many companies are currently assessing optimism in their candidates during their selection processes because they know that true optimists will contribute much more to their companies.


Human beings are already unique and singular upon birth and that uniqueness is theirs throughout life; it is their Personal Essence. Personalities stem from that unique nature. Personal Essence® is a method to identify our innermost nature, that uniqueness that is ours, the concept that best describes who we are when everything that is ours is taken away from us. Once identified, our Personal Essence helps us clearly understand our relationships and ourselves. By knowing what our personal essence is, our future will seem clearer and our decisions easier.

The personal essence of a human being is what remains after removing personality, thoughts, feelings, body... All human beings have a unique personal essence that confers them a set of characteristics that will define them for life. Human personal essence is immutable.

Knowing what unique personal essence we are born with helps us approach our being from a very deep understanding that explains our past, clarifies our present and gives us control over our future. Although the search for a person's personal essence is a complex process, it is today possible through humanology. By applying a practical method designed by Jessica J. Lockhart, human beings can discover what their personal essence is and how to apply it to better understand themselves and their personal and social circumstances.

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