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What led you to becoming a holistic health optimizer?

I have always been interested in food in general, cooking and baking. When I was at home with my children I started to be more and more conscious about healthy eating habits and its effects on the body. That is why I decided to deepen my knowledge, began studying and increasingly did my own research on the subject. I am a certified naturopath, nutritional therapist, certified GAPS practitioner, specialized in sports nutrition and have studied different kinds of therapeutic diets in my practice.

I myself had a number of chronic health problems. I was not very ill, but I had chronic neck and back pain, sinus-, skin- and digestive issues. I had also brain fog and different PMS symptoms. I started to experience different diets and eating habits on myself, in combination with exercise, supplements and bio-resonance therapy and saw very quick changes in my health and also in the health of the members of my family and friends. I realized how important and amazingly powerful tool nutrition was. With these experiences and the results of becoming more and more healthy, fit and energetic I realized that I could help many other people as well to achieve the same results and make their lives easier and happier.

Optimism Coaching focuses on giving people their energy back. From a health point of view, how important would you say optimism is?

I believe that optimism, that is to say the confident feeling of hope and positivity for the future, is crucial from a health point of view. Happiness and optimism cause the release of pain-relieving endorphins in the brain and help people to feel better and to heal. One way of positive thinking regarding healing is the placebo effect, which is very well documented in medicine. This proves how big an impact the mind has over the body.

Optimistic people don’t give up when they have health challenges but if one doctor, health practitioner or therapy can not help them they go and look for help from someone or something else and try everything until they start to get better.

When people get their energy back with optimism coaching, they can heal much better and faster simply because they have the power to focus on this process.

What makes your programs different from those offered by others?

I am a certified Naturopath with almost 10 years of experience with clients. All these years together with my additional studies and research give me the knowledge and the confidence to work and achieve great results with people.

All what I have learned during the years I can teach my clients when they apply for one of my programs of different duration (6 weeks to 6 months).

In addition to nutritional therapy, I had the chance to be able to invest in a very powerful Swiss Bio-resonance device, which complements extremely well the therapy I do. This is a very specific and unique diagnostics and therapy device, which allows for a full body screening based on physical measurements. In less than 10 minutes, the energetic structures of the body are measured in nearly 600 systems and subsystems, taking advantage of over 100 million individual measurements for evaluation. Based on the measurement, a non-invasive whole-body treatment is performed.

Just about a year ago I also started to work with the Tennant Bio modulator and Bio transducer, which I use with patients who have chronic pain conditions. These machines serve as extra tools to help my clients and have amazing benefits and results.

I teach people how to regain their health back. I give them the tools, which then are available for them for the rest of their lives. As later on they will have new challenges, they will always know what to do to stay healthy, fit and energetic. When they are lost, they can always come back to me for a follow-up as I offer a very attractive follow-up package as well to my existing clients.

My own health has improved profoundly during the last years and my passion and mission are to achieve this result with all of my clients.

How could better health boost people’s optimism?

When somebody is healthy, feels good and energetic physically, he or she has automatically a more positive outlook on life.

Good health is one of the most important things that people can have. It is easier to work, to do sport, to be with their family and to have fun. So taking care of one’s physical health is crucial for their mental and emotional well being as well. It is so much easier to be positive and cheerful when one doesn’t need to deal with chronic pain and disease on a daily basis.

This is also true on the other way around of course, optimism and a positive mindset can help people to go through tough periods of life, to cope with disease and recover from surgery much more easily.

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