A Spiritual Revolution

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“Humanity is embarking on a spiritual revolution.”

– Jessica J. Lockhart

As original published by HUPBAGES

Have you ever wondered why everybody is posting positive and optimistic messages in today’s world? Why there are so many people looking for spiritual guidance? I believe that the world is embarking on a spiritual revolution. I believe that humanity is tired of the old models. I also believe that every single person is pursuing the same goal: to be happy. But happiness means different things to different people. Happiness is not a unique, shared concept or reality. What makes me happy is not what makes you or your neighbour happy. I therefore believe that humanity is undertaking the spiritual revolution that will make us more human through a better understanding of who we are and what we want. And what we all want, no exception, is to be happy, whatever happiness means.

Some people are starting to criticise this positive-happiness trend by saying that it’s blinding us. And I somehow tend to agree. There is a new positive trend inundating our lives. People are sharing more and more optimistic thoughts and sentences, more and more positive messages and happiness-seeking mantras. But optimism and happiness tools will only work when properly directed and when targeting clear goals. Optimism, happiness, positive psychology are only terms that people use to vaguely refer to certain concepts. But as terms, they have no intrinsic power. They’re nothing but a set of letters or sounds.

Optimism, happiness, positive-thinking help the world get out of the old negative-thinking, pessimistic, unhappy trends that inundated our world for so many years. In the past, being openly happy was frowned upon. Whenever somebody exhibited happiness and optimism, that person was punished for being a fool. Today, many people are claiming their right to stop being punished for exhibiting their happiness. And that, in itself, is a positive endeavour.

The problem arises when, like in anything else, the positive trends are pushed to their extreme and considered to be the only truth. Before, being happy was frowned upon; today, being sad is being frowned upon. Wh0’s doing the frowning, though? The happy frown upon the sad and viceversa.

I believe that is so because we all have different understandings of what happiness means. If happiness means peace to you, you might not understand that joyous, noisy person whose definition of happiness requires loud exhibitions of glee. And you might frown upon them. If, on the other hand, happiness requires you to jump and laugh, you might unwillingly frown upon somebody who’s quietly enjoying his treasured serenity. Thus, even the sad might be happy in their own, personal way. Who are you to judge?

Optimism and positive-thinking then become tools for the happiness of some. Let them use those tools if they want to. They will be valid as long as they’re targeting a clearly defined goal of happiness. And, as we saw before, happiness must be defined each of us. We’re not being asked to use those tools; they’re just being disseminated as the opposite ones were for so many centuries. Why don’t we start respecting others just the way they are, then? Why do we need to criticise the new positive movement or the old, negative one? Who knows what’s right? My proposal, instead, is to aim at that new, spiritual revolution in which humanity stops judging and sentencing and instead starts accepting and loving. Some people need silence to be happy. So what? Others need noise. So what? And even others need… whatever. So what? It’s their happiness, not yours.

Enjoy life… ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology – www.jessicajlockhart.com

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