Press Release, January 15, 2018

Humanologist Jessica J. Lockhart one of the guest speakers at the bē’s World Happiness Fest to help share and increase happiness around the world

Published January 15, 2018 | By LG-Global Net



Jessica J. Lockhart, the Spanish-American humanologist resident in Bern, will be presenting Humanology and Optimism Coaching@ at the World Happiness Fest in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, March 16-18, 2018, to contribute to happiness by offering a better and more complete understanding of the human being and practical tools on how to recover motivation and optimism.

Press Release – BERN, Switzerland (January, 2018) – Jessica J. Lockhart, creator of Humanology as a discipline that explains and works with human beings, will be one of the international guest speakers to address the participants of the first World Happiness Fest to be held in Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende is becoming the “World Happiness Capital” this spring. The organizer, Luis Gallardo and his team in bē, have been working non-stop to create a chain of events that will spread and strengthen happiness around the world in the coming 10 years. The first grand event will be the one held in Mexico, and will gather the best worldwide experts, speakers and professionals to celebrate “Happiness as a Human Right” in support of the United Nations International Happiness Day on March 20, 2018.

Humanologist and author Jessica J. Lockhart will be contributing her unique model of the human being and the tools of Optimism Coaching® as one of the international speakers invited to share their knowledge in San Miguel de Allende.

bē and Happiness Fest

Luis Gallardo had the great idea of uniting the world around happiness and well-being as a new paradigm for human progress. He created bē and a series of summits, festivals, and happiness forums and has already united thousands of people who belong to this unstoppable movement. They are moved to create a world with more happiness and less misery. The goal is to impact, positively, one billion people in 10 years.

About Jessica J. Lockhart and humanology

Humanology works with and for human beings and is a new discipline that combines academic and scientific knowledge with personal experience in order to help human beings understand who they are and what the world means, and to question their reality and grow beyond their current limitations. It works on the basis of a human being model that clarifies, explains and clearly pictures the key components of any person.

Jessica J. Lockhart is the creator and developer of Humanology, Optimism Coaching®, Personal Essence®, Absolute Forgiveness® and Personal Spheres®, author and renowned international speaker, whose works are opening new avenues of research and knowledge and helping human beings understand themselves better.

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