Reflections on Human Beings 1

We all get to choose.


“We live in a world that is growing smaller with each technological innovation; a world in which we are exposed to a multitude of cultures and beliefs.
As a result, some people learn from others and take the opportunity to widen their horizon. Others, those who feel threatened and insecure, usually adopt a defensive stand against what is different. They focus their attention and intention onto everything that makes others different from them and use that to look for confirmation that the world is a dangerous place.
When people adopt this second view, they usually feel uncomfortable, scared and tense. They look around expecting danger and often find themselves in situations that lead them to feel like they are confirming their fears. Theirs is a life of constant stress and worry.
Those who look for the good in others, for the commonalities, on the other hand, usually discover them, too. They establish bridges and try and grow together with those around them. They feel accomplished and happy when learning new things.
‘They will be attacked,’ the fearful ones say. Maybe so, maybe not. Nobody knows. But they will be happy until that happens, if it does, while those in fear will be sad and scared until then. And if it doesn’t happen, those who look for the good will feel great, while those looking for the bad will be miserable.
‘We’re preparing ourselves and on the alert,’ will the fearful ones explain. And is it worth it? I ask. All those hours, days and weeks of pain, anger and fear to be ready for something that may or may not happen while having no certainty that your careful preparations will actually serve you, as things have this terrible habit of never behaving the way we planned them… Those who look for the commonalities will have all that time to build bonds and thus be ready another way…
Like with everything else, we human beings, get to choose. Choose wisely,”

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology –

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