Satisfying Needs


Human beings have five basic needs. They need different amounts of…

  1. Security. All human beings need to know some things for certain, like where they’re going to spend the night. Some need to know more than others. For some, just knowing where their food is going to come from today is enough, while others need to know exactly what menu they will eat each day of their week for the next 15 years.
  2. Adventure. All human beings need a little uncertainty or adventure in their lives. Knowing everything leaves us with nothing to learn, discover or attain. Some people need a lot of uncertainty and hate routine, while others are perfectly happy with just a few small doubts.
  3. Love. All human beings need to love and feel loved. Although any kind of love can satisfy this need, some people only value romantic love.
  4. Contribution. Every human being needs to have a certain sense of contribution or significance. We all want to feel that we matter for one reason or another. Some need to devote a great amount of their time and energy to satisfy this need, while others are happy with smaller things.
  5. Growth. We all need to experience growth at all times. Even if the growth is very little. When human beings stop growing, one way or another, they feel stuck and usually get sick.

What do you need most? What need of yours is not being fulfilled? What’s the obstacle you’re facing when trying to satisfy that need? How could you overcome that obstacle?

A client of mine was feeling miserable. No matter how hard he tried, his life was always a big, sad mess. He had already tried it all: hypnotism, reiki, psychotherapy, meditation… but to no avail. One day we spoke about the five basic human needs and something stroke home: he realised he’d always believed his biggest need was to be loved. He’d been looking for love everywhere. He’d dated dozens of girls trying to find the right one. He’d adopted a dog and even become a volunteer at the local hospice. All in the name of love.

Upon hearing the other four needs my client came to the conclusion that his biggest need was not love but security. He’d completely missed the point until that moment of enlightenment. He understood then that his frantic search for love had led him into continuous turmoil and uncertainty, the opposite of what he truly needed. He immediately changed his approach to life and started looking for ways to satisfy his need for security. The results were staggering. Just a few short days later, his life was filled with new purpose and he felt completely at peace. 

Ask yourself what your most important basic need is. Is it satisfied? If not, what is preventing you from satisfying it?

Your most important basic need is what you want most in life. Once that is covered, the second need will have to be satisfied. Then the next one, and so on.

Give yourself what you need. But understand what it is that you really need first.

Enjoy life… ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology –

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