Science Proved it!


Indeed, science finally proved what we’ve been saying and defending for such a long time! The brain is there to serve us.

In some of my previous articles and in my book The Optimist in You, I described the human brain as “dumb” in the sense that it can be very easily fooled to believe things that don’t really exist. One clear example of that is faking laughter to fool the brain into producing all feel-good chemicals like endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin.

Furthermore, I also often defended in my writings and talks that our brain can cure us and create different realities for us.

Dr. Mario Alonso Puig, Expert General and Digestive Surgeon, Fellow of the Harvard University Medical School and member of the New York Academy of Sciences among many other things, speaks clearly about this in an interview published (in Spanish) last year.


Among other things, Dr Puig said: “… whatever the heart wants to feel, the brain ends up showing.”  “… several studies have proven that one minute devoted to negative thinking results in 6 hours of frail immune system health.” “When our brain gives something a certain meaning, we take it to be the truth, even if it’s only one possible interpretation of truth.” “… Thoughts and words are forms of vital energy which have been repeatedly shown to interact with our organism and to produce very deep physical changes.”

Therefore, yes, it is true that our brain can heal us and it is also true that we can use it to alter and adapt our reality. It is also true that positive thinking heals and results in us being more intelligent!

Here you have another choice… what will you choose?

Enjoy life… ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology –

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