5 Reasons Why You Should Find Your Personal Essence

Human beings are already unique upon birth. Identical twins, for example, are completely different persons already in their first hours of life, when they haven’t yet had a chance to learn or experience anything and thus develop different personalities. That difference, that uniqueness and singularity, affects the way they see the world and react to it. The reason behind this phenomenon is Personal Essence; that which we are upon birth that remains immutable and constant throughout our entire lives and gives us our unique personal point of view.

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Feelings are Part of the Personal Sphere


What Story do You Tell Yourself? by Jessica J. Lockhart

‘Feelings are part of your personal sphere. Nobody can make you feel anything toward them. Whatever you feel has nothing to do with their behavior or actions.’


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Your Personal Essence®


What are you when everything else is removed and only you remain? What are you when you are there but there’s no thought, not feeling, no sensation… when you’re just being? Who is that you that’s watching you when trying to see the you who’s thinking? Yes, that’s you, too.


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