Once Upon a Time…


Nobody is good. Nobody is bad. Nothing is positive. Nothing is negative.

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Passion is the Key


A few weeks ago I was once again asked a question I’m often asked: ‘where do you get your never-ending energy from?’ This was coming from a person who was complaining about his job and how he didn’t have the energy to really reach out and do more than just enough. He felt like he lacked the energy he needed to do more and shine more. Read More

What are You Really Feeling?


Often times, people seem to think that pleasure, joy and happiness are interchangeable words because they mean more or less the same. Their boundaries are a bit blurred and that leads to some of us using one of them instead of any of the other two. There are quite a few people who consider themselves happy when what they’re really feeling is pleasure or joy. Let’s see what these three words really mean…

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