You Are the Absolute Boss! Take Control of your Whole Being and Stop Suffering Now.

“My thoughts sometimes run wild. They flood my conscious mind with repeated and even unwanted messages. They grow in me. They distract me from everything and anything else. There’s only them… my thoughts, their constant message, my mind. They take control and I surrender.”

Have you ever felt like this? Have you ever had the impression that your mind, your thoughts, your ego… call it what you may, was taking over? When the avalanche hits, it’s like drowning in a waterfall; there’s nothing to do but surrender.

This feeling of our thoughts being in charge is so common and automatic in some people, that they’re not even aware of it. They don’t realize that they’re totally in their thoughts, immersed in them, and somehow disconnected from the outside world until somebody else points it out. Sometimes the thoughts seem innocuous, like daydreaming. Others, the thoughts assault them in the shape of destructive or negative declarations. But there’s something common to both situations: the thinker loses control and the mind takes over.

How often do you lose control? How often do your thoughts or your mind take over? How often do you have the impression that you can’t stop your thinking? How often do you wish you could cancel your thoughts?

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3 Tips to Deal with Anxiety

First there was worry. Then came fear which later turned into anxiety. Beware… it could still grow and become panic.

Many people suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is just a higher level of fear to the so common question, ‘what if…?’ Anxiety comes announced and completely takes over our minds.

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Humanity Suffers from Limiting Beliefs

For centuries now, human beings have perpetuated and disseminated certain limiting beliefs that result in limiting attitudes and behaviors. As a result, humanity has for centuries transmitted and preserved beliefs that only damage us as a species. Instead of uniting us and making us stronger, they weaken us. Only by identifying, questioning and changing those beliefs will humanity advance into a new and more accepting existence.


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