I Forgave but…


Many people I know suffer from past events that haunt them. When asked, they usually say they forgave those who caused the original problem, including themselves. But the undesirable feelings keep on popping up when least expected or wanted. My explanation is that there are three levels of forgiveness: mental, emotional and cellular. Only by forgiving at those three levels are we truly, absolutely forgiving. Read More

Interpreting Our World


The first day I was insulted and abused, I wasn’t yet 4 years old. My bully was an adult, my school teacher. In my world then, adults were supposed to always be right. How could I doubt? Everything that person did to me showed me how worthless I was. I had no power to question the adult world. I was only a small child.

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How do You Introduce Yourself?


When somebody asks me who I am, I can answer many different ways… Read More