Truly Letting Go

Most people never learn how to truly forgive. Some carry burdens of guilt, pain and rage for many years, unaware that those burdens can just be left behind.

Something happens in your life that hurts or enrages you so much that it becomes part of who you are. It stays with you, lurking in the darkness of your brain, waiting for the right moment to show up and bring the whole set of feelings back. You then go over the scene like a detective looking for evidence to prove your guilt, their guilt, life’s guilt. Because somebody is guilty and you will not let them go.


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5 Tips to Let Go of Past Burdens

The new year is here and with it, 365 new days of hope, 365 new beginnings, new opportunities and new intentions. None of those will make you happy, though, if you keep on living in the past and regretting whatever was. Where are you? Are you there, are you here or are you some time in the future? If you are in the past, chances are it is because of some burdens you just can’t rid yourself of. Those burdens could take the shape of regrets, pains, grudges or even betrayals. Let me give you 5 tips that might help you refocus them and set you free at last. Read More

Discovering and Understanding Your Life Purpose

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Beyond material objects and things, what is it that you’re missing in your life? What is it that you’d most like to have? Would you like more love, more freedom, more peace?

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