The Tale of Losma and the Butterfly


Human beings can be deeply limited by their beliefs.

Losma was born in a very small village somewhere in the world. She belonged to a very small family as well. Funnily enough, every member of her family and every person in her village thought that butterflies were terribly dangerous and transmitted horrible diseases.

The first time Losma ever saw a butterfly, she was very young and felt mesmerized by its beauty and lightness. She was about to extend her hand to try and touch such a colorful thing when her mother saw her and cried out in terror: ‘Don’t touch that, Losma! It’s very dangerous!’

Because of that scream, the butterfly flew away. Losma looked at it, then at her mother and thought, ‘I don’t know what that thing is. It’s beautiful. I want to touch it. But Mommy says it’s dangerous. And she knows everything.’

A few days later Losma was playing in the garden with her dolls when a butterfly landed on a flower nearby. The girl remembered her mother’s fear and limited herself to look at the animal in wonder. It was so colorful!

‘Losma,’ she heard her father’s soft voice suddenly behind her. ‘Move very slowly. Get up and leave your toys where they are. There’s a butterfly in front of you. It’s very dangerous. Walk here slowly.’

Losma looked at the butterfly once more and thought, ‘Mommy said it’s bad. Daddy also says that. And he’s always right. Oh, my, that thing must be very, very bad. How scary!’ And she stood up very gently and walked backwards to where her father was standing, waiting for her.

For some time, Losma saw no more butterflies and soon forgot all about them. Life went on, the leaves fell off the trees, snow covered her village and some time later, the days began to shine brighter. It was on such a day that Losma was helping her mother tend their vegetable garden when two butterflies suddenly appeared in front of her, dancing and flying together. Losma screamed in fear. ‘Mummy, Mummy, help, those things are back!’ Her mother immediately took her in her arms and ran into the house.  ‘I was right,’ thought Losma. ‘Those things are very, very bad. What a good thing that I saw them and screamed so my mother could save me. They are so ugly and look so scary!’

Losma’s view of butterflies was now the view of fear. She didn’t see any beauty in them anymore, just danger.

Losma grew up believing that butterflies are terribly dangerous. Nobody ever gave her a dissenting opinion. She never touched one, she never studied them, she never questioned her belief. Today, Losma has kids of her own. They are also growing up afraid of butterflies.

Enjoy life… ALL of it,

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