What Is The Most Important Virtue in a Human Being?

Values change from culture to culture.


“All human beings learn to value what their environment and surroundings consider important or precious. Families are a great source of values and principles, even if we are not aware of making them ours. That is the reason why we sometimes find it so hard to accept other human beings having different ones; they are so deeply engrained in us that they end up being subconscious.
Values change from culture to culture. If we grow up in a very closed one, not really exposed to the outside world, we will only acquire those in our surroundings just because they will be the only ones we are exposed to.
Let’s imagine a child who grows up in a small village without internet or television; a place where nobody eats meat and animals are just pets or used for work. The first day he leaves the village, he is offered roast chicken for lunch. Can you imagine his shocked face? He wouldn’t understand it! Those in the city might react by laughing at him but let’s step into his shoes for a second. If he was never taught that animals are edible, it would be like asking us to eat ground stones.
This is an important principle to remember in our relationships with others. Not all of us have been exposed to the same principles and values, which is the reason why different human beings think different ways. Instead of blaming others for not thinking like us, let’s remember that they might have never seen the world the way we do and perhaps had no chance to learn what we did.
Let’s share our values; let’s talk about them; let’s offer our opinions while respecting those of others, as we never know what they lived in their lives. Only by doing this will humanity move forward without fights or violence, through communication and learning.”

Jessica J. Lockhart, humanologist.

Jessica J. Lockhart is a humanologist, bestselling author and renowned international speaker. Follow her here:


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