You Are the Absolute Boss! Take Control of your Whole Being and Stop Suffering Now.

“My thoughts sometimes run wild. They flood my conscious mind with repeated and even unwanted messages. They grow in me. They distract me from everything and anything else. There’s only them… my thoughts, their constant message, my mind. They take control and I surrender.”

Have you ever felt like this? Have you ever had the impression that your mind, your thoughts, your ego… call it what you may, was taking over? When the avalanche hits, it’s like drowning in a waterfall; there’s nothing to do but surrender.

This feeling of our thoughts being in charge is so common and automatic in some people, that they’re not even aware of it. They don’t realize that they’re totally in their thoughts, immersed in them, and somehow disconnected from the outside world until somebody else points it out. Sometimes the thoughts seem innocuous, like daydreaming. Others, the thoughts assault them in the shape of destructive or negative declarations. But there’s something common to both situations: the thinker loses control and the mind takes over.

How often do you lose control? How often do your thoughts or your mind take over? How often do you have the impression that you can’t stop your thinking? How often do you wish you could cancel your thoughts?

After years working with people who suffer from destructive or invasive thoughts, I came to realize that many of them didn’t fully understand that they are not pure thought-beings. That there’s much more to all human beings than just their mental messages and their triggered feelings. We are ALL so much more than just our minds! Helping my clients be aware of this little but powerful reality often helped them take control of their mental processes.

If you happen to be a victim of your thoughts, try a little exercise. Sit down comfortably and let your thoughts focus on one object, just one, whichever you prefer. Look at the object. Observe it in detail: its shape, its colors, its size… Then observe yourself observing the object. Can you observe yourself thinking? Are you capable of perceiving yourself? Continue observing the object, can you feel your body or your clothes on you or hear sounds around you? Are you still breathing, feeling, swallowing, and doing a myriad of other little things at the same time? Now, please, continue observing the object, note its silhouette, the way it reflects or doesn’t reflect light, and be aware of your own body at the same time. Can you feel your hands or your feet, the way in which the air enters your nose or mouth, what the seat under you feels like? Great, thanks, let’s now move to the second part of this exercise…

Please, answer a few questions for me now…

  1. When looking at the object, could you feel yourself observing it?
  2. Could you keep the other small activities like breathing functioning in your body at the same time?
  3. Did you manage to be aware of your body?
  4. Could you tell your brain what to focus on?
  5. Could you direct your brain?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then ask yourself one more: If your brain was focused on the object, who was commanding it to re-focus and follow your orders?

Yes, that was you. You were the one telling your brain to focus on this or that. You were the one giving the instructions and following them. Your brain was obeying you. You were in charge.

That is the difference between you being in charge, instead of your thoughts being in charge. You decide, not your thoughts. The good news is that you are always there. Your brain is a part of you, but you are, oh, so much greater and bigger than your mind! You are the boss of your brain! You are the boss of your thoughts and your mind!

Whenever you let your thoughts take over and control you, you surrender your own humanity to your mind. Then your mind repeats the patterns that it learned over and over again. Because that’s what brains do. They are like computers. They can only repeat the information they already have in them.

Only by getting out of your thoughts can you control them. Only by being aware that you are inside your mind and looking out to the world, making the conscious effort to leave the realm of your thoughts and entering the world outside of you will you be able to regain control. Don’t ever forget it. You are in command, not your thoughts. You are so much more than them!

Be aware, be consciously aware of where you are. Are you inside your thoughts or are you outside, in the real world? That is the key to controlling your whole being. Take control of your thoughts, be their boss, consciously choosing to not let them dominate you and little by little, your superior being will free you from their invasion.

Enjoy life, ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology –

Jessica J. Lockhart is a humanologist, author of 4 books and renowned international speaker. Follow her here: