Your Personal Essence®


What are you when everything else is removed and only you remain? What are you when you are there but there’s no thought, not feeling, no sensation… when you’re just being? Who is that you that’s watching you when trying to see the you who’s thinking? Yes, that’s you, too.


I first came across my personal essence by mere chance. I discovered it when carrying out a normal coaching exercise that helps us find our life purpose. I found that, too. But I made a discovery that was far more important, one that completely changed my life and, as a result, the lives of thousands of others. I discovered what my personal essence is. It is light. I am light.

By knowing that I am light, I make sense of many events in my past life. I understand many experiences and relationships, many reactions, many decisions.

By knowing that I am light, I understand that I always was light. I always illuminated others in my professions. I cringed at darkness and dark or somber people. I did and do  everything fast. I could hardly be contained.

By knowing that I am light, I clearly see my way ahead.

Your personal essence is you when everything else is gone. Finding it will open such amazing new doors that you will  not understand how you could live before.

What you are affects every step you take and dyes everything you live and experience so that you can only see things a certain way; the way your personal essence shows you.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to be able to get along with certain people? Why some environments make you uncomfortable? Why there are just some things you can’t enjoy as others seem to? It might be because those people, environments or things do not match your personal essence. You are what you are. Your personal essence is from the moment you are born. Finding it will explain so much to you.

It explained it all to me.

Do contact me if you want to find what your personal essence is. Many have already done it and are living happier, more fulfilling lives.

Enjoy life… ALL of it,

Jessica J. Lockhart – humanology –

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